Wriggly Readers update!

Many thanks to all of you who were kind enough to respond to the ongoing discussion about Wriggly Readers. As you know, the take up for Wrigglies has not been consistent enough to make it worthwhile to continue in the form we envisaged.

Collating all the feedback has been really interesting and we appreciate you taking the time to respond. As you might expect, there isn’t a consensus about activities, dates and times!! However, it would seem as if many of you would appreciate a ‘Coffee/Tea and Play’ session, ideally once a week and ideally on a Thursday morning. This would be aimed at babies and toddlers, their parents, carers or grandparents.

We are building up a collection of toys, and from the middle of February we hope to have a couple of toy boxes more obviously available. We welcome any donations in good condition, preferably washable (!) – many thanks. The Library isn’t usually open on a Thursday morning, however, we could open up for a Coffee/Tea and Play session, but we would need some more volunteers, particularly if it were to run every week. In order for this to happen, what we need are a small group of parents/carers/grandparents who would be willing to sign up as Library volunteers, specifically to co-ordinate these sessions. One of the Wrigglies team will be happy to be here too, to help. Please email us through the Contact Page on the website if you are able to help. Thank you.