Early in the new year we received approximately 168 new books in the Library, as a quick reference the first 133 books are listed below, more to follow :-

Sins of the dead: are all consuming…Anderson,Lin       CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
Down to the woodsArlidge,M.J.      THRILLERS
The shadow killerArnaldur Indridason,CRIME MODERN – POST 1950 | FOREIGN
All the hidden truthsAskew,Claire    CRIME MODERN – POST 1950 | FIRST NOVEL
The sinnersAtkins,Ace       CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
If only I could tell youBeckerman,Hannah    GENERAL
Love is blind: the rapture of Brodie MoncurBoyd,William   HISTORICAL NOVELS
Once a liarBrady,A.F.      CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
The newcomerBritton,Fern      GENERAL
The lost sisterBuchanan,Tracy     GENERAL
The New Iberia bluesBurke,James Lee CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
The woman in the photographButland,Stephanie GENERAL
An autumn huntingCallaghan,Tom       CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
The overnight kidnapperCamilleri,Andrea    CRIME MODERN – POST 1950 | FOREIGN
Our houseCandlish,Louise    THRILLERS
Secrets of Primrose SquareCarroll,Claudia   
At your doorCarter,J.P.      CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
Date with poisonChapman,Julia     CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
Wild fireCleeves,Ann       CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
The two lives of Louis & LouiseCohen,Julie     GENERAL
The girl at the windowColeman,Rowan     GENERAL
I looked awayCorry,Jane      THRILLERS
Nettie’s secretCourt,Dilly     HISTORICAL NOVELS | SAGA SERIES
Dying daysCraig,James     CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
The wantedCrais,Robert    CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
The Grey GhostCussler,Clive     THRILLERS
Head woundCutler,Judith    CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
The trick to timeDe Waal,Kit       GENERAL
Dark sky islandDearman,Lara      CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
City of sinnersDhand,A.A.      CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
Truth or dieDiamond,Katerina  CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
Something to tell youDiamond,Lucy      GENERAL
Dark queen risingDoherty,P.C.      CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
My lovely wifeDowning,Samantha  THRILLERS
The boy who lived with the deadEllis,Kate      CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
Paris echoFaulks,Sebastian GENERAL
Bright young deadFellowes,Jessica   CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
Perfect crimeFields,Helen     CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
StolenFinch,Paul      CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
The woman in the windowFinn,A.J.      THRILLERS | FIRST NOVEL
The hunting partyFoley,Lucy      THRILLERS
The foxForsyth,Frederick THRILLERS
In the woodsFrench,Tana      CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
Lethal whiteGalbraith,Robert    CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
Never tellGardner,Lisa      THRILLERS
Intrigue in Covent GardenGregory,Susanna   CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
The stranger diariesGriffiths,Elly      CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
The last brotherGross,Andrew    THRILLERS
ScrublandsHammer,Chris     CRIME MODERN – POST 1950 | FIRST NOVEL
The scandalHannah,Mari      CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
The mystery of three quartersHannah,Sophie    CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
The lost manHarper,Jane      THRILLERS
Whistle in the darkHealey,Emma      GENERAL
An anonymous girlHendricks,Greer     THRILLERS
The savage shoreHewson,David     CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
The comforts of homeHill,Susan     CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
The boyHoag,Tami      CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
Queenie Malone’s Paradise HotelHogan,Ruth      GENERAL
A view to a kiltHolden,Wendy     GENERAL
Forever and a Day: A James Bond NovelHorowitz,Anthony   
No way outHunter,Cara      CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
Out of the darkHurwitz,Gregg AndrTHRILLERS
Sail awayImrie,Celia     GENERAL
The librarian of AuschwitzIturbe,Antonio   GENERAL | FOREIGN
Cold caseJardine,Quintin   CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
The edgeKeane,Jessie    THRILLERS
YouKepnes,Caroline  THRILLERS
We can see youKernick,Simon     THRILLERS
OutsiderKing,Stephen   THRILLERS
FoundKinsley,Erin      CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
The Dower House mystery: a case for Inspector FaroKnight,Alanna    CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
The Brighton mermaidKoomson,Dorothy   THRILLERS
The forbidden doorKoontz,Dean R.   THRILLERS
An unwanted guestLapena,Shari     THRILLERS
The coldest bloodLaw,J.S.      CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
Last man standingLeather,Stephen   THRILLERS
One minute laterLewis,Susan     GENERAL
The blood roadMacBride,Stuart    CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
I see youMacKintosh,Clare     THRILLERS
TangerineMangan,Christine GENERAL
Valley of deathMariani,Scott     THRILLERS
Broken bonesMarsons,Angela    CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
Fugitive from the graveMarston,Edward    CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
Begging to dieMasterton,Graham    CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
The man with no faceMay,Peter     THRILLERS
The evidence against youMcAllister,Gillian   THRILLERS
The colours of all the cattleMcCall Smith,Alexander CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
Now you see meMcGeorge,Chris     CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
Secrets and seashells at Rainbow BayMcNamara,Ali       GENERAL
A step so graveMcPherson,Catriona  CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
The temptation of GracieMontefiore,Santa     GENERAL
How to be famousMoran,Caitlin   GENERAL
The clockmaker’s daughterMorton,Kate      GENERAL
The nightmare placeMosby,Steve     CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
DisplacedNadel,Barbara   CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
The root of evilNesser,Hakan     CRIME MODERN – POST 1950 | FOREIGN
A keeperNorton,Graham    GENERAL
Cold as the graveOswald,James     CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
The lidoPage,Libby     GENERAL | FIRST NOVEL
Shell gameParetsky,Sara      CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
Lies, lies, liesParks,Adele     THRILLERS
The library of lost and foundPatrick,Phaedra   GENERAL
WakenhyrstPaver,Michelle  GENERAL
The house across the streetPearse,Lesley    GENERAL
Kingdom of the blindPenny,Louise    CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
Triple jeopardyPerry,Anne      CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
The huntressQuinn,Kate      CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
The suffering of strangersRamsay,Caro      CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
DeceivedRandall,Anne      CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
Ruin beachRhodes,Kate      CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
The wandererRidpath,Michael   CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
The Moscow sleepersRimington,Stella    THRILLERS
Connections in deathRobb,J.D.      CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
Normal peopleRooney,Sally     GENERAL
Rogue killerRussell,Leigh     CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
Twisted preySandford,John      CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
Salt LaneShaw,William   CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
Tick tockSherratt,Mel       CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
The darkest placeSpain,Jo        CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
The chestnut manSveistrup,Soren     THRILLERS | FOREIGN
The fire courtTaylor,Andrew    THRILLERS
Carrion comfortTempleton,Aline     CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
The taking of Annie ThorneTudor,C.J.      THRILLERS
The seven deaths of Evelyn HardcastleTurton,Stuart    THRILLERS | FIRST NOVEL
Clock danceTyler,Anne      GENERAL
Anatomy of a scandalVaughan,Sarah     THRILLERS
The librarianVickers,Salley    GENERAL
The man who didn’t callWalsh,Rosie     GENERAL
The shrouded pathWard,Sarah     CRIME MODERN – POST 1950
The death of Mrs WestawayWare,Ruth      THRILLERS
The American agentWinspear,JacquelineCRIME MODERN – POST 1950
The reckoningYrsa Sigurdardottir,CRIME MODERN – POST 1950 | FOREIGN