In early November, Jon Wilkins, editor of Exhausting a Place in Leicester, came along to the Library with several of his contributors, to talk about his book and to entertain us with readings of prose and poetry.  Attendance at this event was a bit disappointing, but actually it was really lovely.  To hear poetry about places that you know well but have never seen in that particular light has great charm.  It certainly evoked a sense of nostalgia and I, for one, will explore it far more carefully in future.  Places mentioned included Bradgate Park, the Welford Road Cemetery, Scraptoft Hall and Rosie’s Doughnuts in the market very evocative – I can small them!  I came away with a sense of great pride in our historic and vibrant city, something I haven’t really felt before.  Jon has kindly donated a copy of his book to the Library and it is available for loan.


Our second quiz night was held at the beginning of October, another sell-out event.  Rosemary and Roger Stead were, as always, our very exacting quizmasters and we had lots of raffle prizes.  The fish and chip supper really was excellent (provided of course that you like fish and chips!)  Our providers manage to make them really crisp and fresh – certainly the best that many of us have ever had.  We raised some £400 for Library funds, which was great – enables us to keep going.  We plan another quiz night at Easter, and once again you will need to get your tickets early – they go really quickly.  We are immensely grateful to Rosemary and Roger for their time and energy.


We held this back in September.  The N’ukes are a group of eight ukulele players (plus many other things!), playing popular music from the past 100 years, from Fats Walker to Pharell Williams.  Our very own Dr. Angela is a leading light in this group.  It was great fun – 60 people attending and with Ploughmans and Puddings to complement the music.  So popular was this event that we plan to hold another such gig in the summer of 2020.  We’ll let you know when – you’ll need to book tickets early as it was a sell-out event!  Here’s a picture of some of the group In action.