Friends of Kirby Hub – 7 September meeting

What would your three wishes for the village be? Whilst we can’t wave a magic wand, The Friends of Kirby Hub are hosting a series of events to gather your ideas with the aim of making some of them a reality.

The first of our open meetings saw ideas such as a community allotment, history interpretation panels, Kirby’s Got Talent, a duck race, open gardens and cleaning of the brook flying thick and fast around the room.
But we want more.
We want your ideas!

If you think you could spare some time to be involved in organising events to bring our village closer together, come and talk to us at the Scarecrow Festival this Saturday from 12.30 in the library, or come along to the second of our public meetings next Wednesday 14th September at 7.30pm also in the library.

Together we can make things happen!

Numbers Quiz – Winner and Answers!

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Numbers Quiz recently. Over 20 correct results were received so the winner’s name had to be picked out of a hat. The winners were Jen and Jack Lee who are regular visitors to our library. WELL DONE!

Well done to everyone else for having a go – sorry you couldn’t all win but we hope you enjoyed the challenge.

There will be another quiz before the end of the year.  Thanks again.

You can see the answers by clicking here (PDF)

A new Quiz is available

There is a new paper Quiz now on sale at the Library for £1.

All profits will go to Library funds**. There is a £10 prize for the winner.

Just to reaffirm this is NOT a children’s quiz but it doesn’t mean to say that children couldn’t help with some of the answers. The theme of the Quiz is NUMBERS to link in with the 70 year Jubilee.

There will also be a half-term children’s activity quiz (picture trail) for children to do.

These are free and will be given out from Saturday onwards. The pictures children have to find are all on the Park so quite a safe activity.

**A reminder that all money raised by this quiz and our other activities goes solely toward the maintenance and future costs that the Library incurs. Everyone who volunteers at the Library, and everyone on the board of the Charity that runs it gives their time and energy for free. No-one is paid a penny. We are very very grateful for all the work that everyone does – without it there would be no library.

Quiz Time!

Like a quiz? Well come to the Library and pick up our fun Christmas Quiz to do with your family and friends over the festive season.

It only costs £1 and is full of general knowledge questions, anagrams and sneakily hidden answers – but its a quiz for all the family – even the little ones could help you.

If you wish you can return your answered quiz to the Library by January 11th and you might be in the running for a £10 book token prize plus the glory, of course!

All proceeds will go the KM Library and Community Hub.

Thank you for your support – and Good Luck!


As part of our commitment to providing facilities and support for our community, we have been concerned about the difficulties that our young people have experienced with their education and learning over the last two years.

We would like to support Kirby Muxloe students by providing revision opportunities for GCSE and A Level student coming up to their exams.  This would be in the week before and the week after Easter, based in the Library Community Room for no more than 10 students at any one time.  The tuition is planned to be strictly student-centred, with students raising what they themselves want help with – definitely not a series of lectures.

We need tutors across the range of science and humanities subjects at both GCSE and A level.  This would be on a voluntary work basis and is in recognition of the unique difficulties that these young people have experienced.

If you are perhaps a retired teacher/tutor who has experience in these subjects and would be willing to give time voluntarily towards this cause, please contact