Thank you to all those who took part in our Christmas Quiz. 

We received several correct answer sheets and after pulling a name out of the hat the winner is Mrs S. Koch from Coventry. The £10 book token is winging its way to her with our congratulations.

Thank you everyone once again. We hoped you enjoyed the quiz.

There will be another library (paper) quiz later in the year.

If you would like the answers…… they are below

1. A favourite fairy tale   (4)LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD
2. Embarrassed      (2)RED FACED
3. Dorothy wore these in 1939  (2)RED SHOES/RUBY SLIPPERS
4. Won Nobel Peace Prize in 1917 and 2x more (2)RED CROSS
5. Two yellows =   (2)RED CARD/ONE RED
6.  ne cell train  (anag)     (2)CENTRAL LINE
7. Manchester United  (2)RED DEVILS
8. Mick’s band is no shade or hue but …   (2)SIMPLY RED
9. Official procedures – don’t they take time! (2)RED TAPE
10 Alfred set terrible land for this dog to hide (2)RED SETTER
11 Worn on 11.11    (1)POPPIES
12 Red property on Monopoly  (1)STRAND/HOTEL
13  Comedy series and star  (2)RED DWARF
14  Anger leading to reduced visibility?  (2)RED MIST/SEE RED
15  William, who famously died in New Forest (1)RUFUS
16  An unforgiveable error!  (2)CARDINAL SIN
17  Go to Brownsea Island to see these (2)RED SQUIRRELS
18  Chicken from smallest state  (3)RHODE ISLAND RED

19 (2)RED KITE                  20 (2) EDDIE REDMAYNE                        21 (1)   COMB

22. Poirot saw through this fishy business (2)RED HERRING
23. Red planet  (1)MARS
24. Toast in pie (anag)  (1)POINSETTIA
25. Started 5.2.88  (3)RED NOSE DAY
26. Luhrmann’s film and now in West End (2)MOULIN ROUGE
27. Bad debt (3)IN THE RED
28. Spotted first in Loughborough in 1867 (2)LADYBIRD BOOKS
29. Yorkshire racecourse (1)REDCAR
30. Shepherd’s delight (4)RED SKY AT NIGHT
31. Poured car petrol covering this VIP walk (2)RED CARPET
32. New England baseball team (3)BOSTON RED SOX
33. Nickname for a cricket ball (1)CHERRY
34. He pulls Santa’s sleigh (5)RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER
35. Post this for an important occasion (2)RED LETTER
36.Capital of Louisiana (2)BATON ROUGE
37. Go out and enjoy yourselves! (4)PAINT THE TOWN RED
38. Delia caused a shortage of these in ‘95 (1)CRANBERRIES
39. Trick taking game but  avoid the black lady (1)HEARTS
40. Lenin and GUM found here (2)RED SQUARE
41. Colourful cheese for our county (2)RED LEICESTER
42. Love apple (1)TOMATO
43. Snooker has 15 (2)RED BALLS
44. The red teletubby (1)PO
45. Sworn enemy of Sheriff of Nottingham (1)ROBIN/SCARLET (Will)
46. Walsh, Wax and Tuesday (1)RUBY
47. Trained by Ginger he murdered the rest b’wards (2)RED RUM

48  (2)ROBERT REDFORD         49  (2) RED ADMIRAL          50  (2)  MISS SCARLET