This poem was written by Kirby Lad, a Library volunteer. We thought you would like to see it. It is very much a poem for our times.


Sometimes the Earth deigns to remind us, busy as we are,
That any power we think we have is dwarfed by hers (so far).
Let’s not forget the simple truth, we’re drawn from mother Earth,
The same star stuff that made our planet formed us at our birth.

How is it that we came to this, forgetful of our place
As part of nature’s pool of life, neglected in our haste
To get there first, to have it all, destroying as we go
The building blocks of sky above, the soil and sea below.

So here we stand so strong and tall, commanding land and sea,
On high o’er all the worldly creatures that the eye can see.
But hold that thought, as once again, a scene played out before,
Repeats itself, to pause our step, to test our will once more.

A beast we cannot see at all;, in absence of a scope.
One feared before arrives unseen, to take away our hope.
And once again our dread of foes invisible will rise/.
We fear the spread to fellow men will lead to our demise.

With every second counting, each man fighting for his life,
Resources found and hoarded, never mind the cost of strife.
The planet meanwhile, keeping silent vigil over all,
Content to count the years in billions, even as we brawl.

Yet even as the quiet days begin to frame our lives,
Here is the news, it’s been declared, something can help us thrive,
That time spent close to nature, in the forest, on the beach,
Can help to mend our broken spirits, help to heal the breach.

And further yet, as if by magic, pictures sent from space
Show mother Earth in cleaning mode while we pause in our race.
The skies are clearing, air is fresh, repairs are under way
The lid flies off Pandora’s box and hope enters the fray.